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The Fall Equinox is when day and night are of equal length due to the Sun crossing the equator from north to south. In honor of the Fall Equinox, I will be hosting a 5 day Raw Vegan Challenge starting on September 17th and ending on September 21nd. The fast will be broken on September 22nd. It is a simplified version of the 31 Day Raw Vegan Challenge. I wanted to host this challenge to inspire others to tap into their power within. This 5 day raw vegan challenge will support you in grounding yourself for the seasonal change and another jumpstart with boosting your immune system.

This challenge is for you if:

-You are focused on healing yourself on all 4 levels (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional)

-You are ready to be committed to your health journey

-You are a self-starter

-You are curious and want to take on the challenge

What is included:

-LaToya presents video each day of challenge with a specific focus


-10+ videos with tips

-Access to new food demos before I release to public

Plus More


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