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About Us

Mission: To Inspire the holistic healing of the body, mind and spirit through personal development, health and wellness.

Vision: To bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds by inspiring people to recognize their divine potential through personal development, health and wellness. 

Infinitenature is a space to inspire the community to heal themselves and serve their divine purpose by connecting to their body, mind and spirit. LaToya Davis has always been a scientist at heart. When she was at a crossroads on whether she should continue pursuing her Masters Degree in Biology, her mother said that she always seen LaToya as a scientist. Her mother was right however it was not in the context that LaToya envisioned. LaToya has always had love for things that could not be explained with the naked eye and how it relates to human behavior and motive. 

LaToya’s passion for astrology and numerology along with her intuitive nature has helped her to have a better understanding of herself and those around her. Through life lessons LaToya realized that her passions helped her understand the importance of healing self and how it has inspired friends and family to do the same. Through each “trial” she grew more into herself and learned the importance of self care, meditation, journaling, affirmations, eating a plant based diet, and living a holistic lifestyle. LaToya is currently a Holistic Health Consultant and completed the Black Berry Beauty Practitioner Certification through mentor Lisa Marie Goodson. LaToya is a student of the Innervisions Institute for Spiritual Development where she completed the two year Personal Development Program. This program has transformed her life and has provided her with tools, skills, and principles that support her in her vision for Infinitenature and her everyday life. She also completed The Sacred Woman Rites of Passage under the teaching of Queen Afua and ascended in the gateway of Ma'at in the Summer 2021.

LaToya believes that body, mind, and spirit are connected and have to be at a balance in order to be connected to yourself, people, spirit, and nature. One of the ways that LaToya came to understand this was through eating a plant based diet, particularly raw food (uncooked plant based diet). LaToya and her husband are advocates of holistic health and veganism. Their favorite pastime is preparing creative raw dishes together.  In 2018 they welcomed a new addition to the family (which also include Brayden, her husband's son from a previous union), a baby girl Zuriyah Ameenah who has been a light to their life. Being pregnant with Zuriyah and giving birth changed LaToya in so many ways. She was born again. Her advocacy has also shifted to Black maternal health and being a voice for black mothers.