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Discovering the infinite power within through healing the

body, mind, and spirit.


Welcome to infinitenature!

Infinitenature is the manifestation of the experiences that I, LaToya Davis wanted to share. I have always had a love of books and writing. I have countless journals documenting my dreams, aspirations, experiences, and the list goes on. I eventually began documenting my raw vegan journey on social media and also making YouTube videos in 2015 on my raw vegan journey and how it has impacted my life mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

One thing I noticed is the lack of representation when it came to black/melanated people sharing their raw vegan experiences besides elders such as Queen Afua and Annette Larkins. There other people including myself out there that I appreciate, however there aren’t as many as I wanted to see. There was a desire for me to share that and my other interests because I am a multi-faceted person that cannot be put in a box. 

I realized that raw foods lead me on a spiritual journey to connect with the creator, myself, my emotions, and nature. I have enthusiasm about this and wanted to share that healthy food can be fun and also can unlock doors that will lead us to deeper levels of understanding ourselves. This is an ancestral calling and my ministry is the land. It is time to honor the mother earth and all that she offers us. I advocate getting back to the ways of our ancestors who built the United States from the ground up. Taking it a step further our ancestors of the Nile Valley Civilization has influenced the world from the art, sciences, agriculture, architecture, spirituality and the list goes on.

 Infinitenature is a space where the community can be encouraged, be loved, and be embraced through holistic healing. The focus is on the black/melanated community which has been underrepresented in present time. This is a space our voices will be heard and healing will be supported.

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Health Consultation

Consultations are available for people who may need guidance on how to start their health journey or general support/advice on how to stay on their journey. 

 5 Day Raw Vegan Challenge for Fall Equinox

The Fall Equinox is when day and night are of equal length due to the Sun crossing the equator from north to south. In honor of the Fall Equinox, I will be hosting a 5 day Raw Vegan Challenge starting on September 17th and ending on September 21nd. The fast will be broken on September 22nd. It is a simplified version of the 31 Day Raw Vegan Challenge. I wanted to host this challenge to inspire others to tap into their power within. This 5 day raw vegan challenge will support you in grounding yourself for the seasonal change and another jumpstart with boosting your immune system.

This challenge is for you if:

-You are focused on healing yourself on all 4 levels (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional)

-You are ready to be committed to your health journey

-You are a self-starter

-You are curious and want to take on the challenge

What is included:

-LaToya presents video each day of challenge with a specific focus


-10+ videos with tips

-Access to new food demos before I release to public

Plus More 

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